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I am not an advocate of making up sad sob stories to get to people's emotions. If you follow a person long enough and if they lied you will catch them eventually. I think it is important that you know who you are dealing with. Even though we demand perfection from others we can't fail to remember they are human. I am a flawed human being that still has issues and things to over come still to this day. I am not perfect I have not gotten everything right. And I am still prone to make mistakes today. Regardless of how bad I am. Life still must go on. I still must do what I have to in order to move forward. 

I am not a fan of making excuses. Things are what they are. And you only know what you know. I am 40 years old at the time I am re writing this article. For those of you who know me or perhaps have seen this video before. My life has been a struggle. And to this day it is still a struggle. The only real way to get to know someone is to connect with them and actually spend time with that person. Until then you don't know who they are. Immature people who've been hurt will exploit every weakness in attempts to bring you down to make themselves fell better. Mature people who have been healed will learn your weaknesses and figure out how to encourage, edify and lift you up. That is how you truly know someone. When they know how to lift you up not tear you down in hopes of your down fall. 

I battle a lot of love issues. Self hatred is my biggest struggle.



In the previous article I was all business. This article is all personal. The internet is a very dangerous place. People are tricked and manipulated out of their money by the minute. And some of those reasons are due to people not knowing who they are dealing with. Things may seem great in the beginning. It's only a matter of time before a train wreck takes place. And they take place because of the instability and lack of consistency. Lack of honesty and transparency happens because online people can get away with so much. 

I don't want there to be any question in your mind about who I am. And what I stand for. My content exists because I care. You matter to me and I want you to clearly see that. I have not had people that I could trust and confide in when it comes to my life. So in hopes to provide something I've never truly had. I want to be someone you can trust and place confidence in. I will do my best to help if I can't I have resources. At the least I can point you in the right direction.  

In addition to business content. I create scripture based content. Humanity is very limited in it's ability to help humanity. That's why we all need God. When we have Him only He has the ability to equip a person well enough to impact a person's life without having to use gimmicks, lies and manipulation. What matters most to me is always doing the right thing even if it causes me to lose money from a business perspective. My values are based on my morals. Those are what governs my goals. Integrity and character matter to me. It should to you. 

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