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Nothing New Under The Sun

When you’re apart of the human family nothing should ever come as a great surprise. We are capable of doing a lot of evil things. It’s possible for some to state they couldn’t put their mother out there like that or the way that I did mine. She is not the first mother who did what she did and she won’t be the last. I am not the only one who has been robbed of a child hood behind the decisions of my parents. I know I will not be the last. 

Sin is sin regardless of the different levels of effect they have. There are sins that are common, and those that are not so common. Sin is the reason the world is in the chaos that it is in today. Some people want to sweep that under the rug. We can choose to deal with it when it’s brought to our attention in this life. Or we can deal with the consequences in eternity. 

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Sin is not anything new and the consequences just become worse and worse when it comes to the devastating effects they have. And the damage it does to the mind is so unreal. The wages of sin is death according to the scriptures. The answer to the question. 

WHY DO WE DIE? The answers were given in GENESIS.  The most direct answer to the question is Romans 6:23 the wages of sin is death. We’re born into sin. And we are born cursed.  If GOD gave Adam and Eve what they deserved instead of showing mercy he would have killed them and started over. The logic is simple. If he would have then we wouldn’t exist today. 



I was 13 years old when I first heard about the new world order and the mark of the beast. That was the same year I smoked my first cigarettes. The same year I landed in my last foster home prior to being released from SRS custody. There was a video that a few of us were presented with. I have scoured the internet and searched as diligently as I could to find that documentary but I can’t find the original one. When I did a search while righting this article the content I found doesn’t compare to the actual footage of the 1991 version of the new world order. 

The fact that the original copy of the video is no where to be found makes me surprised that Pat Robertson’s book is still being sold at full retail cost after 30 years since it’s release. I remember the feeling I felt that was absolute hopelessness. I experienced and overwhelming amount of fear that stayed with me for a significant period of time. It was unfortunate that the guy who showed us the video didn’t know or have the truth to bring the relief. I got a taste of what it’s going to be like when GOD raptures the church and withdraws his presence from the earth. Jesus Christ is coming back and leaving the same way he did in the scriptures. Only “HIS” chosen people will witness it and experience. 

Once the devil gets his queue and confirms that GOD is gone from the earth. The world wide panic from millions to billions disappearing off the face of the earth with no trace is going to bring an unrest unlike anything the world has ever seen.


That is the window of time that the antichrist will rise to power and bring relief.

Many people know about the end times but not many know how to escape those times by being able to take flight with the church when the trumpet sounds. It was this information right here that made me want to turn my heart to GOD but I didn’t know how, where to start or what to do.  This change did not come until I landed in the right foster home. 

I come from a family of Jehovah’s witnesses. My mother died on her death bed believing that false damnable doctrine. Everything they believe contradicts 90% of the scriptures. GOD’s church only has one founder and that is HE HIMSELF. I went through quite a few religions/churches prior to arriving to a church where the focus was the “Apostles’ Doctrine”. 



Pride is the root of all sin. Arrogance. The law of diminishing return. Anger, bitterness, anxiety, rejection, lust, lasciviousness. Depression, oppression,  addiction, thoughts of suicide. Self hatred. I have been backslidden out of the church before. I have also spent several years backslidden while still attending church. It is very brutal living that way. When you’re not right with GOD or living right. The scriptures are going to rub you the wrong way until you do. When you’re living right you love the word. 

You have to love GOD. And you have to want GOD. This has to go beyond what other people say, think or do. The only pressure is on the sin not the individual. Sin can’t and will not go to heaven. That is why in the old testament there were priest, judges and prophets and in the new testament apostles, prophets, evangelist pastors and teachers;  Ephesians 2:20 & Ephesians 4:11 

When you are sincere GOD can and will hear. He will send someone. He always has and he always will. God is not a respecter of persons. But he is a respecter of faith and hunger. He preserved his word even through all of the attempts that have been made to change or strip the WORD of GOD of it’s true power and authority it has over humanity.  If you want help there is real help!


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