Before I talk about my professional branding tools. What you need to understand about the topic of branding is this. Your brand is only as strong as your skill and ability to deliver your value with a strong impact that is life changing. It's going to come down to you meaning what you say and saying what you mean. Don't say you can do something. And don't say you offer something when you can't deliver. Cosmetic and graphical impressions are important. But not more important than your ability to deliver on what you promise. 

You can look great professionally and cosmetically. But if you're copying, regurgitating and plagiarizing you will get caught it's only a matter of time. You can't steal from authentic people, make money off their value and not get caught. When it comes to lies and deception on the internet people always slip up and get caught and instantly regret it. 

Branding is so important because you create an identity that no one else has. When you do it correctly no one will be able to steal from you. It has embedded into it your signature talents, skills and abilities that people know it's you. No brand starts out successful or on top. In order to have success and keep it you have to build and maintain the know, like, trust and credibility factors. 

The only thing that your cosmetics should communicate to others is that you are real. And that you believe in what you are doing. It should also communicate that you take time and put thought into your brand. Because ultimately you want people to view you as and authority that is not like any other in any space. 


Professional Branding Tools

Professional Branding Color Tools

The foundation of the brand is the color scheme. Or color schemes. There is no rule that you can't change the look, feel and layout of your brand's colors. Emblems and logos are nice but are not required. Finding the right colors can be a challenge. Determining what colors you want to go with can be a mental nightmare. Especially if you are in the brain storming process.

A free tool that can help with this process is called HTML Color Codes. This is a browser based tool that allows you to find the colors you want either by uploading. Or by URL. You can upload any image you want and find out the hex code for the desired colors you want to include in your brand. To access CLICK HERE

Professional Branding Tools

Professional Branding Background Remover Tool

Ever wanted to figure out how people were able to place themselves inside of a nice graphical image? Or how people make powerful branded images? It is as simple as removing the background. This is a free tool that will allow you to do just that! Say you want to use a light image on a dark background or a dark image on a light background. Just remove the background and you can place the image on either or. This is a web based tool you can access CLICK HERE and be sure to bookmark these sites or pin them so you don't lose them

Professional Branding Graphics Tool

When it comes to creating graphics for your brand the first tool allows you to build your color scheme. The second tools allows you to remove backgrounds. With Canva you can create a wide range of various professional graphics for any situation. From website, to social media platforms, video thumbnails and advertising platforms. You don't need to hire a designer. Take the time to learn how to use Canva you will thank yourself for it later. Canva provides a free option of course when your brand demands more the pro version is extremely affordable. To access this CLICK HERE

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