There are many aspects to professional branding. And branding can be extremely challenging! There are the things that matter and then there are things that don't matter. It's about having a strong order of priority of what you need first or need the most all the way down to the least.  You're in business for profit so you want to always be doing revenue generating activities.  This starts by having thing in place to present something to the public so you can sell or transact for money. Your brand priorities should include:

  1. 1.Buy a domain name
  2. 2.Buy hosting 
  3. 3.Install a website 
  4. 4.Create static content
  5. 5.Build an automated sales process 

I wan to share with you some of my free professional branding tools that I personally use on a regular basis. Of course they do have premium paid options should you feel the need or choose to make a purchase.  

One of the challenges of branding is choosing a color or a color combination. This tool has made life easier for me concerning brand colors. If you want to find out the hex code for a color that you want for your website. You can use HTML colors to find colors. It's simple:

  1. grab any image from anywhere that is available 
  2. upload the image 
  3. use your mouse to scroll to the color area of interest 
  4. copy the hex code 
  5. paste it into the appropriate section on your website. 


Another challenge that can be a bit difficult to deal with is being able to create quality professional images. Especially for ads that demand images. The background remover tool is another awesome free tool you can use to remove backgrounds. The tools is real simple to use:

  1. 1. grab an image from anywhere
  2. it if you don't have on your computer already
  3. 3.drag and drop or upload
  4. the image after it is convered without the background

You'll find this tool a handyone especially when it comes to your branding. 

When it comes to the designing of the graphics for your brand. You don't need to higher one. This skill has become easier and easier to learn. Canva is a great tool and resources given that you have the patience to learn. If you don't you can always hire someone. Nothing wrong with either way. There are a lot of tutorials online to help get you through that learning curve. 

I use canva myself at no cost some times I upgrade to the premium when I need to but for the most part it's free to me and certainly free for you. 

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