Communication is single handedly one of the most important aspects of life. And video marketing is the most effective way to market online and that is not even debatable. In the digital age people's attention spans are way shorter now than they've ever been. Getting attention and holding it by making an impact is the ultimate challenge of the day.

There are two types of ways to do video. 

  1. 1. Live
  2. 2. Pre-recorded

On this page we're not really dealing with pre-recorded content. We are dealing with going live. Professional marketing is all about professional branding. Going live gives people confidence that you're not just hiding behind your computer and confirms to them that you are actually a real person.  In addition to knowing what you're talking about and how to present the information. It is important that when you go live you have professional looking overlays. 

Canva is a great place to create your overlays.  But you also need a way to get your overlays into your live broadcast. I will share both free and paid options. 

Once you have created an overlay with canva or whatever platform you used to create your overlay. StreamElements is an easy free way to publish your overlay and get that overlay into your broadcasting system. 

StreamElements is designed for mostly gamers who stream on twicth but it's not limited to just those types of users as I use them to create various diffent options associated with my lives. 

When you're ready to start streaming OBS is the go to for the majority of streamers myself included. There is a learning curve just let your passion push you through like it did for me. You're going to find an unlimited amount of content creators to help you through that learning curve. 

Open Broadcaster Software (OBS) is my go to for the majority of my streaming needs. 

It cost either time and or both money to build a brand. And it takes every bit of the same to run and operate a brand. With that being said depending on your level of skill and expertise you don't always need to start off with all of the features that come at higher prices. 

The value of stream yard starts at $25 per month or $240 per year. I reccomend that you start with the basic package so that you at least are able to build your brand within the platform. 

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