Before I talk about my professional communication tools. You first need to understand that the most effective way to build the know, like, trust and credibility factors is to be as face to face as possible. If you live local you should try to meet in person if appropriate and when time permits. Obviously if you're doing business at a distance you may not have that luxury. So live either in a one on one situation. And even in a mass situation may be necessary to establish your credibility. 

There are two places that you can do a live stream or broadcast from. Obviously you can do this on your website. And of course the only other place would be inside of a social media platform. The awesome thing about being able to stream live is they have both free options and paid options. 

Professional Communication Tool 

This tool is 100% free. I use it for social media platforms. If you're familiar with twitch all of the gamers use it. In fact I think 100% of all the real true content creators regardless of their niche use this. So I recommend you use it. There is a learning curve for beginners. And it can be a bit overwhelming. But if you want to stand out and make a difference this will matter to you. I don't provide any training on this platform whatsoever because there is so much free training. 

This is the best platform for streaming to social media platforms for two reasons. 1 You don't have to worry about getting banned for something you might of been unaware of. 2. You can incorporate your branding into the software. You can customize nearly every aspect to create engagement. I hope that I did not forget to mention that it is free. You can pick up your free copy just CLICK HERE

Professional Communication Branding Tool

With the other branding tools mentioned on the previous pages. Using Canva to make your graphics you can also make streaming overlays. And incorporate these into your live streams. If you're going to use OBS you might as well use Stream Elements as well. They go hand in hand. It makes it a bit easier to brand yourself inside of OBS should you choose to go that free route. I use it. I do it. You might as well too. Just CLICK HERE

Professional Multi Platform Communication Tool

Regardless if you are solo, have a team, or want to stream to more than one place at the same time. Combined with affordability this comes highly recommended. Now I do not recommend that you use this tool on Facebook as I have gotten banned from going live for no real reason to the point. I felt like Facebook was bullying me. Until I forgot that no one really even works at Facebook any more. Because the only person that works there now is Mr. Algorithm. 

If you want something simple this is a great platform to use. I've done interviews, debated, among many other things using this tool. You should too CLICK HERE

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