I have used a lot of tools over the years. This means tools come and they go. Always keep in mind digital technology changes all of the time. Which means even the current tools I use right now are always subject to change. When you are using anything built or created by someone else that is a risk. I have spent money on some and lost out greatly due to things that were beyond my control. It has created nightmarish expriences in some cases set me back and negatively impacted my business. By following my tool guide I will troduce you to both free and premium tools and services. 

Free Professional Writing Content Tool

The first and foundational tool I use when it comes to content creation is OneNote! Success requires a solid plan, a plan requires organization. I can manage an unlimited number of various projects simulataneously at the same time.  Because I can keep track of them and not lose my place. 

This is the best and most powerful free tool when it comes to planning and organizing content. 

Professional Script Writing Content Tool

The second tool which is also foundational for all video content. I am loyal to this company! Formally known as screen-cast-o-matic rebranded and is known as Screenpal. The have a script writing tool. My first round of video edits come throught their software. The have a free version but it's so affordable it makes sense to pay the annual subscription and get all the value they have.

As a professional content creator you need a professional video editor. One that is user and noob friendly. You can't go wrong with Movavi. My final edits are completed inside this video editor. 

They're always updating and adding features! 

Serious video content creators will use Youtube. As it is one of the most popular social media platforms built 100% around video. When it comes to social video content having the guidance to rank your videos by mastering video SEO will make all the difference in the world when you don't know how.

I live by Tube buddy when it comes to all of my video content I upload on Youtube.

When it comes to obtaining and sustaining online success having a content management system (website)  is necessary for creating the platform to launch your success from. 

Wordpress is the most widely used platform in the world. And it just keeps getting easier and easier as they have millions of developers all over the world. You don't need to go to school for coding. And in some cases coding is becoming more and more obsolete in nearly 98% of all web applications. 

For those serious about online branding I don't recommend using wordpress without self hosting it. You can but it can get expensive and it comes with a lot of limitations. Even though you won't use the non-self hosted option you still need a free account 

All online brands that exist online today start at the same place as all successful online brands do. It starts with your own domain name. Without you own domain name with something built on it that people know and are aware of success is impossible onilne.

The foundation of every website that you can locate online is installed directly to the domain name through a webhost.  I have been using for years. And they recently gave me an even stronger incentive to stay loyal to them. 

I buy, own and manage all of my domain names and client domain names here.

As stated above the domain name and self hosted installation of a wordpress website directly to the domain name is the foundation of bringing a brand online. 

The host is where those files live the domain name translates the information in to a format that allows us to see or hear the content we enjoy. 

I have personally been through a lot of hosting companies over the years and have had night marish experiences. I have been JackRabbit.Host longer than any other hosting company and it's possible that this may change in the future. 

I like to remain loyal to the tools & services that have provided me stable reliability. 




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