When it comes to my professional content tools. I have heard it for years that content is king. I heard of something called the three c's. Which stands for create, capture, and convert. Writing is the foundation to creating powerful content that impacts. It doesn't matter what the plan is to deliver. I don't endorse television or watching movies. But every movie that would be consider good or great was written first. Every song that is considered good or great was also written first. Plans to great building structures were first written long before it was executed to erect it into a monument. 

Even with all of the various types of content that can be created. To deliver the greatest level of impact you have to be sensitive and pay attention to everything. I've always stated you must always be learning in order to continue growing. And if you're not then you will either stagnate or shrink. There are only a few ways to deliver content on the internet: 

  1. Written Content 
  2. Audio Content 
  3. Video Content 

Everyone is different so it's best to have something for everyone. And when you do something don't 1/2 do it or try to get by on the bare bones minimum. You should be able to tell the difference between a greedy dollar driven person vs someone who is value driven. And this also means being able to clearly tell the difference between someone who care vs someone who doesn't. 

Want to become successful online? Then learning how to write and becoming the best writer possible will not be optional for you. Part of becoming the best writer is becoming the best student. This requires study. And also reading. In today and in the future people's attention spans are getting shorter and shorter. That litterally means that the quality of the human being in general and overall is at an all time low and is decreasing by the second. 

Free Professional Writing Content Tool

Free Professional Content Writing Tool

It doesn't matter how many projects I am working on. It doesn't matter what kind of content I create or how much. Everything starts in One Note. It is easy to acquire all you need is a Microsoft account.  Don't have one CLICK HERE

Professional Script Writing Content Tool

Free Professional Script Writing Tool

Are you a video marketer? It doesn't matter if you are directly in front of the camera. And if you are doing voiceovers or just straight presentation style videos. Everything written in One Note gets pasted into the script writing tool and it automatically spaces the content right where it is supposed to go. You can practice speaking and greatly enhance your speaking skills and abilities. When you mess up that is no problem instead of having to start over from the beginning you can just fix the part you messed up on. 

You can acquire this tool for free but if you pay the $50 annually you will get unlimited recording time. CLICK HERE to try it out!

Professional Video Content Editing Tool 

Once the script portion of my video is created then I run it through the Movavi editor to create the final draft. Because at this point once I add the impact ingredients in the mix then it is ready to publish for all to see. You don't have to be a face in the camera type of video marketer to create or produce videos that get the results you want. This is truly a professional content tool it only comes with a 7 day trial. If you're new to video editing 7 days is not enough time to beat the learning curve to see if you like it. 

This was the first high end professional tool I've ever used I will always remain loyal. Are you serious about taking your videos to the next level? CLICK HERE as a bonus I will do a personal walk through after confirming that you've purchased through my affiliate link. 

Professional YouTube Video Content Ranking Tool

Are you a video marketer? Do you use YouTube? If not. You're losing money! YouTube is saturated with competition. And this tool not only guides your ability to stand out but it keeps track of your progress. It teaches and trains you by providing you with the data you need to make quick decisions. Concerning keywords, tags, titles, thumbnails and competition. This tool is super inexpensive especially for beginners who are just getting started. CLICK HERE 

Professional Content Management Tool

The foundation of being able to create longevity in your business is having your own professionally branded website. Because you need a platform to launch your success from. For beginners this is the best place to start to become familiarized with the best content management system in the world. WordPress doesn't require any technical skills. And there are millions of developers all over the world. Having a primary place of branding means everything else such as social media is an extension of your brand. 

Using's free version is okay as long as you use the free version. For serious brands you're going to want to go with a self hosted version. The free version comes with a lot of limitations and restrictions it can get expensive too and for no reason.  The benefit of at least having an account with the free version of is there are a lot of smaller 3rd party integrations that you will need with in addition to your self hosted site for enhances features and functionality. As a client in my coaching and training program WordPress is a massive part of my curriculum.  CLICK HERE

Professional Domain Name Registrar

Domain names are a dime-a-dozen. You can acquire one from anywhere. They're easy and affordable. But make sure you shop around to get the best pricing possible. Because they are an annual cost the prices change and go up frequently. A domain name is the first thing you want to acquire. It should be something that brands you. And if not it should brand what you do. Or at the very least what it is that you have to offer. 

Not owning your own domain name is the same as not owning your own brand. Not having your own website is the same as not being in business. It doesn't matter if you build it yourself or have someone else do it. There is no excuse and for this reason many struggle and fail because they refuse to move with the times. A domain name is simply the digital address of where the files that contain your content live. It is that simple. If you're online everything you look at is a website. All successful online entities are because they own and control the space that they conduct business online. If you would like to get your domain names from the same place I do CLICK HERE

Professional Hosting Service

A domain name is useless if you're just going to point it to something that exists in which you don't own or control. That defeats the purpose of owning it. Domain forwarding is never the way to go if what you are forwarding to does not belong to you. Domain mapping is not the way to go because you're basically paying for someone to steal your traffic. I know that sounds odd and that is certainly up for debate. As I mentioned when discussing WordPress self hosted is the way you want to go. When you control the host you have full power. Even though you may not understand the amount of power and control that you have by having your own host. Take my word for it. 

With your own host you have a 99.99% chance of never losing a step in case social media fails. When you're using 3rd party platforms especially for free there is always a catch which means it will always be a risk. I know that the tools & services mentioned on this page are not in the specific order of priority. Because these are all content based tools. And they all work behind the scenes. Without hosting this website would not even be possible.

Without a domain name to install the website to via hosting means I don't have any type of web authority whatsoever. I have been using Jack Rabbit Hosting for more than 5 years after changing hosting companies about 3 to 4 times in the past 9 years. What this means is if something goes wrong I am not afraid to switch hosting. 

In my coaching and training program I cover this part for you the only thing you need to do is acquire the domain name point it to my servers so I can install the website for you. However should you happened to be looking for a hosting service CLICK HERE

Order Of Priority

  1. You need a domain name
  2. You need a hosting service 
  3. You need a website 
  4. You Need Content

If you plan to be successful online better be ready to learn and acquire then ready to learn some more!

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