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  • What You Should Know! 

I respect your decision in not wanting to work with me directly in my lifesyle business. I also respect the fact that you have another opportunity that you are passionate about. And I appreciate the fact that you would consider working with me indirectly. 

What Exactly Does That Mean?

This means we can still work together but under a much different set of circumstances. Instead of us working in the same opportunity you chose to work in one that is different then mine. And that's okay!

Knowing what I know about this industry it doesn't matter what opporutnity you decide to partner with you're always going to be on your own. And if you are going to make it on your own know need these things:

  1. 1. Skill 
  2. 2. Know how 
  3. 3. Tools
  4. 4. Resources 

I Have To Teach You To Do It Yourself

This option is not easy and it's not for the average person. This is a very elite option. Because I am taking my entire skill set, tool set, knowledge set and set of resources starting at the beginning which are foundational to equip, empower and lead you by example. The end result is you becoming successful online. How long this takes is up to you. When you can gaurantee your determination to see your success all the way through. I can gaurantee your success. But how long depends on your ability to understand what you learn and how well you execute. 

That takes time and is not easy at all.

Working indirectly with me means you're subjecting yourself as a student-client in my training and coaching program. 


The process of building a successful business online is a simple one but it's not easy because there is a lot more and so much to learn when it comes to putting into place the things you need. Infact there is more to learn to prepare for success then there is to actually do. Especially when it comes to creating success in terms of actual revenue generation.

The first category of training is branding yourself with your own WordPress website. 

Phase one - you will learn to work with website performance based software some of which require 3rd party profiles in order to access and integrate certain features an abilities into your website. 

Phase two - you will learn how to set up the frame work for the branding on your website. 

Phase three - you will learn how to write in your content to finalize your website for full production. 

Phase four - you will build the automated sales process for your website. 

The second category of training is called the Sprint Training which is focused on exposing you to content creation. You will learn the following: 

  • The four different ways to market (marketing styles)
  • Content Preparation
  • Content Writing
  • Script Writing
  • Video Editing
  • Video Marketing 

The third category of training is called the Marathon Training which is focused on training that fine tunes and reinforces your skills when it comes to creating longevity or long term success. What you will learn:

  • Product Knowledge
  • The Art Of Traffic Generation
  • The Art Of Lead Generation
  • The Art Of Closing Sales 
  • The Art Of Social Media
  • The Art Of Blogging
  • The Art Of Monetization

As you go through the curriculum and after you complete the curriculum you will get access to reinforcment training that differs from the training contained on the actual platform in the client's area. This is on going training and education as things in the industry change. 

You will also get hand holding support through the entire process. That means every step of the way. 


I do not open up the entire training library to you at one time. This means that each phase must be completed to 100% by showing your work or I won't advance you to the next section. Any deviation meaning doing something you don't see, or not doing something you see may cause difficulty and hinder your results so do that at your own risk. 


This is a full fledged professional internet and network marketing training program. I cover everything under the entire scope of what is considered professional branding, to leverage the full power of the internet. I use specific tools and services and provide training specifically tailored for their use. 

For example I have my own servers to host your website with. You don't and won't need your own hosting. 

I also use professional grade tools for:

  1. 1. website building 
  2. 2. automated sales funnel building 
  3. 3. autoresponders for automation and follow up

If you already have subscription to these tools you will need to do away with them. As they will not be apart of the training. Some tools are required for you to acquire before you can advance further into the other sections of the training. 

You may keep the other tools and subscriptions at your own risk obviously you can do so without my knowlege or me ever finding out not that it matters. It will be a waste of your time and money to use something different then what I am training you on. 

Don't Worry About Price 

I know you're probably concerned about price that is the last thing you should be worried about. I don't list prices because prior to getting into my coaching program we must have a meet and greet. Not everyone is qualified or a good fit for my coaching program.  All prices and cost associated will be discussed during the consultation call. 

No consultation call = Can't proceed or move forward

Take sometime to think about this before you move forward. The demand of this type of service is extremely high. And due to the fact that I am limited on how many clients I can take on you only get one chance at a consulation so think long and hard before you click that button below. 

My consultation call is not free as the value that I will be giving you is finding out where you are and giving you direction and guidance even if we both decide that my training program is not a right fit for us both. I am still going to provide that value of you knowing exactly what you need to do to be successful even if you take another route as an alternative to me. 

The cost of the consultation call is a one time $97 it last one hour long.

CLICK HERE TO BOOK YOUR CALL NOW!(Make Sure That You Are Sure You Only Get One Shot)

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