Before I talk to you about my professional marketing tools. I want you to first understand a few things. It doesn't make sense to spend money on certain tools in a certain way that cost you more than the value being rendered. If you have gone through all of my tools in the order that they are listed on my website. And you clearly paid attention to what you were reading. You should have noticed that some of my tools are free, some have one time cost. And some have monthly, quarterly, or annual subscriptions. 

It costs money to operate a professional brand. Just as in any business there are operating cost associated with them. You will never get the full value of a subscription based service for free. However when you're getting started stay free until your results provides the means for you to go paid.

Previously I mentioned the three C's which meant to create, capture and convert. This means to first create content. Publish it. Market it. And then capture the lead information. Once you capture the lead information convert them into sales. When you promote what you've created there are really only two places that is done from. Well two platforms.  The first and most important platform is your website and everything else is all secondary. And that would simply be social media or wherever it is online that people hangout. Not just any people but your ideal customer, client, or even business partner. 

Just having a website or just having a social media page or profile is just not going to be enough. You must be able to generate or drive traffic to your place of branding/business. Once they arrive you need to have a way of capturing their information. This means making a strong enough impression by knowing what they want and what they are looking for. You create based on the relevance. When people find you indirectly (organically) that means you did something right. When people find you through your direct efforts that means you did something right. You want results from both. But when you get someone's attention you want to make sure that you handle them right. 

If you are online at the same time they are connect with them through conversation. When you're not online then you should have content in place they can connect with while you're not online. This is an automated sales or follow up process in place so you don't have to be glued to the internet or social media. 

The best advice I can give when you are new, struggling and or failing is this. Never make any attempt to put everything on 100% autopilot. Because then everything and everyone will just become a liability instead of an asset. Always remember you only need 1% of your entire market to be financially successful. 

Professional Lead Capture & Sales Funnel Software

This is not just a lead capture and sales funnel software. It is also a page builder. This gives you the flexibility to build from scratch or from template whatever option you choose. All templates are 100% fully customizable if you want to use them as guides. When it comes to your tools whether a one time cost or subscription based. It is always best to pay one time when you can. Especially if you can earn enough money that it pays for itself. And I am not talking about earning commissions from selling it. I am talking about from actually using it the way I use it. 

I have used Profit Builder for several years now! I paid for it once and own it forever or until. I say and use the term forever loosely. And here is why. The software I used previously. The owner passed away. Unfortunately I didn't find that out until about a year or two later. But I was able to transition over to Profit Builder just fine because I was already experienced with similar software. This is why it is imperative to learn the skill.  Profit Builder is extremely affordable. Your website is the primary branding and marketing space but WordPress alone on it's own is limited.

Profit Builder integrates right inside of your WordPress website. You can build unlimited lead capture pages funnels, or whatever your mind can imagine. You can build power packed quality and value without comprimizing the integrity of your brand by using some subscription based service for anything lead capture, sales funnel and automation related. I am just going to be direct here! Buy Profit Builder for your self hosted WordPress site CLICK HERE

Professional Bulk eMail & Follow Up Service

This is a bulk mailing service that is known as an autoresponder. I have used multiple. They practically are a dime-a-dozen now. I have used Aweber the longest. It get's the job done. It is important and imperative that without an autoresponder service there is no such thing as automation or autopilot. Unless they are referring to having an extremely highly converting funnel they are running paid advertising too. Make people show you either A. what autoresponder they are using or B. what ad they are using. If they don't have it or can't show you then you just found a fraudster. 

The value of a service like this. You can create and manage multiple brands or projects at once. When traffic is high leads will yield. The bulk mailing feature allows you to handle an excessive number of potential leads. The follow up system will allow you to create relevant content in a specific order or sequence of priority. This is what makes automation possible if you do it right. Deliver the information with power and impact. Communicate well enough so that the value of your off can be effectively perceived. If it makes sense to the potential buyer. Congratulation's! Because at this point you can set it and forget it. 

I don't recommend anyone buy any of these tools until you fully understand what they are. If you're not willing to learn don't waste your time or money on them. I provide full training on both tools even though they offer training. I offer straight to the point training. To get this autoresponder CLICK HERE

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