This is something you should consider before I talk about my professional experience. It is not uncommon for people to often ask the questions. Why should I listen to you? Or: Why should I follow you? And why should I work with you. And that is okay you should. I would be glad to answer you in person, on a live phone call, perhaps on an online video call. If I hesitated or danced around the question you should absolutely be concerned. If you can't say this about a person: I know you, like you, and trust you as credible. You should not be doing business with them especially online. 

Professional Experience

The purpose of this page is to cover my experience professionally so you can make an informed decision on whether or not you want to listen or follow me or not. My ultimate goal is to provide you with enough value at no cost to prevent you from wasting your valuable time and your hard earned money on things that don't make any logical sense whatsoever. The awesome thing is this. When you express interest in anything. Whether that be my free education, my lifestyle business, or my training and coaching program at some point in time I will give you an opportunity to interview me live. If you live local we will meet in person. If you live abroad we will meet online. Because I never do business with people that I don't know, like and trust as credible. Below I will list my experience from the most to the least! 


25+ Years Experience

Multi level marketing was supposed to be a simple business model that allowed you to create a strong income by leveraging the efforts of other people. I no longer participate in business models like this. Network marketing was also supposed to be a simple concept in which you had a great experience with a product or service and when you shared that with others one time you are supposed to get paid over and over again. 

Networking or network marketing also meant that you reached out to your upline for training, support and resources. The unfortunate part about this is loyalty and commitment is something very difficult to find. 

True success comes from the relationships that you build and relationships that you maintain. All success is 100% dependent on relationships.  


12+ Years Experience

Sometimes we have a hard time showing or sharing our humble beginnings. I may have lost a lot of the documentation that was present during my humble beginnings. I still have a few things that can show credibility and give you a small glimpse as to where I have been since as early as 2010 up until today or when ever you come across this information. 

Internet marketing is simply this leveraging the full power and potential of the entire internet for the purpose of generating traffic, leads and sales. This is where you leverage professional branding, marketing, advertising and selling tools that provide the leverage in order to create time freedom. It's one thing to have the tools while it is something else to have the skills and the know how to make these tools work in your favor. 

I have watched people spend years trying to have or create success online through the home business space all they do is hop from one thing to the next. A majority will go to their grave struggling like that because they are too lazy and lack the drive to learn the skills that will set them apart. While it is not 100% their fault because the internet is a massive ocean of information. And because of that people will fall for things that cater or appeal to their laziness. If people think they can sign up, join or subscribe to something that will make them rich over night that is what they flock to regardless of how many train wrecks the have been involved in. Never seek easy. Even though success is a simple process of doing the same right things repeatedly. Success is not easy. But Why? Because there is always more to learn then there is to do. 


9+ Years Experience

The first successful team that I have personally built was called "Independent Online Network Marketers" back in 2013. We started off with three people. Myself, Evelyn Duran, and Samuel Lee. We had a meeting; established our purpose; and went to work on it. We grew from 3 to 30 the first week, to 100 the second week and by the 4th week we had close to 400 people. It was the greatest experience ever. Lack of experience, and understanding of the internet "online" world. Being young, dumb and immature it collapsed. Success rises and falls on leadership so they say.

I learned from all of my mistakes but the problem is once your reputation is damaged and people lose confidence in you as a leader it is hard to nearly impossible to bounce back from that. And it is nearly impossible to re-create that experience. Knowing what I know today with everything I have in place now if I could of had it in place back then while I had full cooperation there is not telling where I would be today. Sam Lee and I still have conversations about that to this day. 


6+ Years Experience

Even though I started about 2 and 1/2 years prior to the year I launched my coaching program for the first time in may of 2016. I am only giving myself 6 years worth of credit. A lot of break throughs took place. I had gone places I never been before. Such as being able to quit my job and not have to work a regular 9 to 5 for at least two years. I couldn't believe that I made it two years before having to go back to work and get a job to make ends meet. Lack of experience, lack of discipline among many other things going on in my life has always ended up forcing me back into the work force. I have faced a lot of opposition and a good portion of that was because I was opposing myself. And it bled into how I ended up treating other people. 

There are a lot of hard knocks when you're on your own person path to success without leadership and guidance. Because of everything I went through and had to suffer as a result of not having what I needed. I don't want anyone else to have to go through the same things I had to. In fact I want people to utilize my struggles by avoiding them. If you go down the path I have already plowed. You will save yourself time and money. You can learn first hand what you need to do without having to deal with all the pain points I had to. Not saying that you won't have any of your own. With my guidance and leadership you can sure avoid them and get to where you want to go much faster than I did that is for sure. 

It is one thing to be able to do and produce profitable results for myself. It is something totally different to be able to teach you how to do it. To be able to effectively communicate well enough to you so you can do it and get the same to similar results is a skill set that differs from being able to do things I know without having to explain or show someone else how to do it. If you are capable of learning then I am capable of teaching! It really is that simple.

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