Before I talk to you about my professional resources. Let me explain how important is it that you have resources. You might be able to create success on a warm market. That warm market will run out. Me personally I tend to always seek cold markets. And I save my warm market for last. Or I save for a rainy day. The purpose of having strong reliable resources is to have endless opportunity to grow. This should always prevent stagnation and decline in your business. 

You can be the best, have the best, and do the best. That won't be enough if you run out of people to connect with your offer. It certainly is not enough if you drive your warm market crazy with the same old approach. Not all resources are created equal. Some are great some are not so great. And from time to time some may have to be replaced.

Normally I do not share my resources. So I am only going to share a couple. The majority of my resources are free to get your foot in but if you want an enhanced experience the paid option only makes the most sense depending on the ones I share with you. 

My professional resources

My Professional Home Based Business Resource

Having access to a massive data base of network marketing professionals is a huge plus. These people are either actively participating, seeking to participate. Or no longer participate. This is the perfect place to expand your reach. This platform has some powerful ways to extend your brand of course if you know what you're doing. I typically provide the training on every tool, service and resource I use. Because I get results I want you to have results as well. There is a learning curve of course. This by far is my first go to when it comes to raising awareness to my brand. 

It is free to sign up CLICK HERE take advantage of all of the upfront offers. I have no regrets. 

My Professional Safelist Resource

My Professional Safelist Resource

Cost effective, massive data base and some. I've been using Herculist for several years now. They keep their platform simple and up to date. When it comes to traffic generation this is another one of the best resources I have available. It is so affordable it is a no brainer. $9/month or $39/year. You get way more value than what you actually pay! I never had a resource that actually reflects my own personal values. Not really much else to say CLICK HERE

My Professional Email Marketing Resource

This is a powerful straight to the point email marketing list builder. This is by far the best safelist I've ever used in terms of simplicity. You know you are not wasting your time when you use this platform. They have stood the test of time just like the one mentioned above. I love reliable resources that do things right that plan to stay around.  CLICK HERE

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