Thank you for taking time out to read my story. I hope you find this information inspiring as I want to share some personal things with you to give you somewhat of and idea of who I am. And where I come from. 

We lived at my grandfather's house in Hutchinson Kansas. Where he owned a construction and oil field company. He went and discovered the places for the rigs to drill. Only having an 8th grade education he was pretty intelligent. 

From there we moved to a small town called Pratt, Kansas. And from there to Wichita, Kansas. 

It was just my brother and I. We were living fairly decent with our mother starting out. She had a job, transportation and she took care of us in the early days. I remember having a lot of fun in the summers, and awesome times at Christmas and birthdays. We had everything kids could want at that time. Such as Nintendo, Sega and other video games.

My mother got mixed in with the wrong crowd of people and started partying and using drugs. And this led to hear making bad decisions. Prior to moving to Wichita everything was going well and for about six months after we moved. The we started noticing her not coming home when she was supposed to. 

My mother got strung out on drugs. And her boyfriend would take her into park bathrooms and beat her. Once night he decided he was going to kill her. When they were driving he pointed a 357 magnum at my mother. And before he could pull the trigger she jumped out of the car. Luckily there was someone there to help her or she might not have lived beyond that day.

After all that my mother went to rehab and my brother and I went to live with our grandma in Pratt. My brother and I were doing really well in school. And when my mother got out of rehab she demanded that we come back to Wichita and live with her. That was strongly advised against by a number of people but she chose to do what she wanted. 

She eventually relapsed; and when she did she shipped my bother off to his dad and me off to mine. I ended up in SRS custody as  result to that. 

From the time I was 11 until 13 years old I went from group home to group home and institution after instituion separated from my mother and my family. At 13 years of age I landed in the right foster home at the right time with the right people. I remained in foster are until the age of 18. 

I am thankful for my foster parents taking me in when they did and allowing me to come across what I still have a hold of today and that is my faith in God. And the skills of effective business building online. 

My life was forever changed and impacted. I lost my foster dad in 2014 and my biological mother in 2018 and still have one foster parent reamining alive today. 

Elizabeth Wright
1960 - 2018

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