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The scriptures teaches that every man has a measure of faith according to Romans 12:3. And God calls all hearts according to Acts 2:39. God knows exactly what he is doing. He has over sight. God is omnipresent. He knows all things. He has infinite wisdom. This means that he knows what he is doing. And he knows how to save the sincere person. The level of influences in a person’s life will either magnify the hearing of the call or it will minimize the hearing call. 

There are only two influences good and evil. If you have good influences it might in some case be harder to hear the call if your life is good and you feel as though you have need of nothing. If you have evil influences chances are you may become tired of the way your life is going so you may be able to hear the call a bit stronger. Either way it doesn’t matter what situation or circumstances we face or go through good or evil. The call is still the same, the response is still the same. 

I was one that gravitated towards GOD naturally this was a desire at a young age. I never understood why nor could I place my finger on it. We was raised around gangs during the early mid 90’s. My mother got strung out on drugs. I was taken from her. And shipped all around the state of Kansas. She passed away in 2018. I preached her funeral. Between the age 11-13 I have always had an expressed interest in going to church even though it was not an option being in SRS custody. 


This was true up to the point of reaching my final foster home. I’ve been to several different churches through the course of my life. Nothing ever stuck. There was something different about the church where I received the Holy Ghost in for the first time according to Acts 2:38 I never heard what I heard before, I never felt what I felt about what I heard before. It got to the point where I could listen for hours and hours. I wanted to hear more and more.

It didn’t just stop there at the age of 15 – 17 I would study the scriptures for myself and on my own. I even got kicked out of school a few times for preaching the Gospel and teaching bible studies.

There is an overwhelming amount of evidence that God has had His hand in and on my life. He has extended his mercy to me beyond my ability to comprehend. I believe if a man or woman really wants to be saved God can see that and he will do something about it. And he does that by allowing you to cross paths with a preacher authorized by him according to Romans 10:14

Life deals harsh blows to everyone. And some turn to many different things in attempt to mitigate the reality. When people turn to mind altering drugs that is the most dangerous avenue. God can call but if you can’t respond to that call with your mind. Your heart & soul has to cry out. You still have a choice if you use your free will to be free he will deliver you and heal you. But if you don’t want to change he’s not going to waste your time or his. 


It is often stated if you take one step towards God he takes two towards you. To be honest God doesn’t just call you by himself. He uses 2/3 of the angels that didn’t fall to help according to Luke 15:10 not just God is pulling for you but the angels too. To further validate that Matthew 26:53 Jesus Christ could of had them intervein. What GOD saves us by the angels desire it but they can’t get it or gain it according to I Peter 1:12  The angels may not be aware of this but they are HOLY. So they don’t need the HOLY GHOST. We’re fallen in nature it’s required in order for any man, woman, boy or girl, to be saved. 

God rules, reigns, and operates based on love. It’s hard to understand without his help. The two people in the images above Thomas and Mary Elder were my foster parents. If it was not for them I may of gone down a different path. But God worked thins out in my favor whether I knew it or understood it or not. Chances are I wouldn’t be writing about this now. 

If you were to ask me what my religion is. Or what my faith is years ago I would have told you I was apostolic or even Pentecostal. I just call myself a believer in the written scriptures. Even my own pastor recently stated across the pulpit that the word apostolic has no meaning any more. I prefer not to add to the word by doing more than what it says or twisting what it says. And I also prefer not to take away the word by doing less than what it says. 

I started this website because I want to reach as many as I possibly can both on and offline using my tools and resources. Thanks for stopping by I hope you got value!


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