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I have a couple of resources that I would like to share with you. They don't cost you anything at all to participate with them. I do online shopping. Do you shop online? I am into everything from household products, local shopping, health and nutrition. Food hygene products. Clothing electronics ect! 

Anything that has to do with "LIFESTYLE" I am into it... The awesome thing is you're not limited to things that suit my lifestyle but you can find things that suit yours. And if you choose to I'd be glad to help with this process at no cost. Absolutely no pressure one way or another!

I want to start with a resource that I use all the time. The benefits are powerful. 

  • 4 installment easy payment plan over 6 weeks 
  • interest free 
  • credit building

If you are wise and you live on a budget and you don't want to part with paying full price up front, but yet want small managable payments for shopping online this is a smart decision. 

In addition to the intrest free buying power. I am able to use this on a shopping platform that gives me upto 50% cash back on 100% of my purchases. 

I can buy their exclusive products which I do and get a 5% discount on select items I place on auto renew. Not to mention cashback on all purchases. I know what you're thinking. You shop at amazon or at some other place. This is not intended to replace them or even compete with them. It's just this one small fact that Amazon doesn't offer their customers cashback on anything. There is no reward when you buy from them. 

Whatever products or service that can't be found here we have partnerships with the manufacturers who do. Sign up for a free account today! 

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