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Depending on what type of business you operate. And where you operate it from. Chances are it's from some of the same spaces that I operate from. And if I am correct then the free resources you find on this page should suit you well. One of the most important resources you can have is reach. That reach means access to more people who would be more than likely to purchase from you or partner with you. 

All of the resources below have both free and premium options!

I no longer participate in Multi-Level-Marketing (MLM) any more and going back is not an option. However there is a data based that contains nearly everyone ever interested in MLM or similar options. Those options could be the following:

  • Entrprenuership - you create the product, service or business
  • Cpa marketing - cost per action 
  • Affiliate Marketing - Selling other people's products for commission. 

Having access to this data base even on the free level is valuable. 

Again depending on the space you operate in and the type of people you may be looking for can be found here. 

  1. 1. Safelist
  2. 2. Traffic Exchange

A safelist deals strictly with email marketing. This is the best place to try and test your ad copy skill. You may or may not get results. As results are a direct reflection of your skill. You open emails and earn credits to send emails to their data base of users.

A traffic exchange deals with getting website hits to your website by surfing other websites by users in the same data base. These are the best places to practice your skills because there is so much competition looking for the exact same thing that you're looking for and that is traffic, leads and sales. 

This is a powerful clean and straight forward safelist platform. Another place to get access to a data base of people that may be a right fit for your business. 

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