Before I talk about my professional social media tools. Let me make this clear. There really is no other reason to be on social media other than to promote a business in general. And to use it as a tool to advance God's kingdom. All other uses is a waste of time and a detriment to society. Those are the only two reasons I use it. And My use is extremely limited. Due to the fact that I value my time is the very reason why I use the tools that I do. Both tools are simple, well kept and maintained.

One tool screens people who send me requests on both Facebook and Linked In. The other tools allows me to automate every aspect of possibilities when it comes to prospecting on Facebook. Both tools have two different developers but they go hand in hand. 

Professional Social Media Screening Tool

I personally never send or accept a friend request to or from someone. Where there is no intention to connect on a semi personal and fully professional level. The tools serves the purpose of screening people who send me friend request. An auto-response screens the person by giving them 24 hours to appropriately respond to the message. No response = auto delete. If I am aware that usually results in a block. This helps to prevent spam and scammer request from taking place. A realistic person will respond to a realistic message with a realistic response.  To get friend or foe CLICK HERE

Professional Social Media Prospecting Tool 

I beta tested this tool. Everything that you can do manually in terms of prospecting for your business on Facebook can be automated. I provide social media training in my coaching program for those who want free methods. But to speed up the process and automate it this tool provides that ability. I don't endorse unleashing full automation on any given tool. But somethings it only makes sense to do so. 

This is one of those cases! The tool has a full fledged arenol of other powerful features. To get it CLICK HERE



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