Before you get started I recommend if you have other tools & services that are similar in nature to the ones that pertain to this coaching program. Mainly the ones mentioned on the previous page it's unlikely that you have the same exact tools used in this program. However it is possible that you do have some that are similar. Due to the nature of this industry you may be subscribed or have bought and paid for something you may or may not even know how to use. You may have had other tools and services prior to considering my coaching program. If you do my recommendation is to cancel them or disregard them because this coaching program has everything you need and will save you time and money with this program. (THIS IS NOT REQUIRED)

Here is the reason I strongly recommend this. When you start the program you want to have a fresh, confusion and hassle free start. Another reason if you are using another program whether that be a 3rd party/affiliate program you're probably "PAYING WAY MORE MONEY" AND GETTING "WAY LESS IN VALUE & SUPPORT" CERTAINLY NOT GETTING OR PRODUCING THE RESULTS THAT YOU WANT. Which is why you are here in the first place!