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I am honored at the fact that you might be considering to work with me. There are only two ways in which you can work with me. And I will mention those. At this point I may not know who you are or your background. I may not know your past when it comes to business in general. Due to the fact that I will encounter people at different places in their endevours let me do some qualifying. 

Are you new? This means that you have 90 days or less of experience in the online business space? In most cases the new people are the most vunerable to get taken advantage of by the manipulation and over uses of hype nonsense and deception. The truth is with all new people. And that is when you are new you maybe excited and fired up but you still don't know exactly what to do or where to start. 

Are you struggling, frustrated or failing? Perhaps you been around 91 days or longer and you still see very little to no success at all. It is common and highly frequent that people who are struggling instead of quitting they just jump from program to program. And all of it is in hopes of getting lucky and striking successful. As much as I hate to be the one who has to deliver the negavitive news it's not that easy or everyone would be doing it. 

Depending on what you've been through it is safe for me to assume that you spend more then what you earn. That is not good ever under any circumstance even if you can afford it. I know that you didn't get into business to throw your money away and get nothing in return. 

The Two Biggest Regrets:

1. the loss of your valuable time - you spend hours doing non revenue generating activities. Watching videos, listening to podcast/webinars. Trying to get the motivation and inspiration to be successful. One minute turns in to 10 and so on and so forth. Hours turns in to days and days into weeks. And then weeks turn into a month. Months turn in to 6 and then into years. The sad truth is people have spent years in the online business space and instead of using their time wisely to prepare and execute they have gotten left behind. People get burnt out and lose hope in ever becoming successful. 

For your sake I hope that this is not you!

2. the loss of your hard earned money - you spend money in hopes of buying a shortcut that doesnt exist. You buy into this program or that program. You may have even bought tools or services because you thought that was the answer. Only to be dissapointed. You joined this business or that one following the famous guru. Even if you have the money and it doesn't bother you to lose that money it is still not healthy to get nothing in return. Maybe you bought into way too many things and you spread yourself thin in the name of "multiple streams" of income. And you did so because someone made you feel good.  The only good thing about the money you wasted is the fact that money can be replaced you can get that back. 

My education, opportunity and empowerment is to prevent you from making decisions that lead to the two biggest regrets. And because of this there are only two options that you have to work with me. You can choose to work with me:

  1. 1. Directly 
  2. 2. Indirectly

choose how you want to work with me

Choosing to work with me directly means partnering with me in my lifestyle business opportunity. Partnering with me directly means that you are partnering with the founder and leader of a professional team called Success 4 The Taking.

As long as you are truely free of an opportunity and are seriously looking to stop trading your time for money you're a perfect candidate as long as you're ready to get out of the rat race of the online home business space. 

If you're not ready to commit to working with me after getting to know like and trust me I respectfully ask that you don't proceed. Last thing I want is for your time or mine to be wasted. 

Choosing to work with me indirectly means becoming my client by subjecting yourself to my training and coaching program. It is not uncommon for people to want to work with me when it comes to producing results. The production of what I do online is streamlined and simplified to the point where I only have to focus on revenue producing activies. 

I have three things in place

  1. Skill
  2. Tools 
  3. Resources

If you're not doing to work with me directly in my lifestyle business opportunity but you still want to work with me. That means you're looking for direct empowerment. 

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